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18 Players and 5 Weeks
Posted by admin on Sun 13 of Sep., 2009 19:02 PST
We have has 5 weeks of practices behind us gearing up for the first tournament to have been played in Alameda on Sept 20 - it got cancelled with not enough teams for that date.

The players and coaches have been working hard to develop a cohesive team reading from the same "play book". In fact, we are developing a "play book" that the kids can work from. There are drills named after or by the kids. There will be strategic plays which the kids will learn and master. Most of these materials will be made available to the team on the web site - you may already have seen posts from Coach Luz for some of those drills.

I have set up a first "scrimmage" against another team - the Alameda Travel Team from Baldium for Sept 26 (time TBD) and then they will come over to our facility for a game. Actually, I expect to get in touch with all of the teams that may have played in the Bladium tournament and see if they want to do a home/home set of games. We also have the "Sharks and Parks" street hockey and game this Saturday - that will be fun! (check out the photos from last year).

More later...

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