Last weekend I broke my stick during the adult pick up game, and then I broke my back up stick at Jr. Cougar's practice. Now I am in the same boat that some of the players are in, trying to pick out the best, most practical, cost efficient stick for me. This is what I AM looking for in a stick.

2 piece shaft and head
The stick head I use at our rink is designed for outside surfaces. The design is sometimes called ABS but just make sure it says "for outside surfaces" or it will practically disintegrate at our rink. Also It is not unreasonable to have a stick head for indoor and outdoor rinks as we will be playing on two different types of surfaces.

Flex between 80-90
Every one on the team Should have a Jr size stick/shaft. This is huge for shooting. A stick with too high of a flex rating can be the single reason a player can't get their shot of the ground. If this sounds like you but your not sure talk to one of the coaches and they will send you in the right direction.

Mid kick point
Mid kick point Vs. Low kick point is a mater of preference which develops over many hockey stick purchases. A general rule, which may be broken, is that if your playing defense get a mid kick point stick, if you are a forward get a low kick point stick. The difference is explained in the links at the bottom.

Non-tapered shaft
I have a tapered shaft and it is impossible to find ABS blades. If you plan on buying two sticks one for indoor and one for out door, tapered is the way to go for the indoor stick. If not make sure the stick says “fits regular blades”

Price $80-$125.
This is my price range for a stick that should last me at least 5 years. Get the stick that is in your price range with consideration to the fact that they will out grow their stick before they utilize it’s full life span.

Wikipedia click link
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Coach Luz